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Why Choose a Pediatric Dentist?

A pediatric dentist is a dental specialist who is well-trained to treat infants, children, adolescents and children with special needs. A pediatric dentist must complete an advanced post-doctoral course, accredited by the American Dental Association, of at least two academic years in the specialty of pediatric dentistry to obtain the skills required to be considered a specialist in the field. This extensive training provides pediatric dentists the knowledge to treat children's dental and many orthodontic needs, provide a positive dental experience and to educate children on the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene.

We have tailored our dental practice to specifically cater to children. Our dentists and staff have years of experience treating children of all ages with the highest level of care. During their first visit, our staff will use comforting words, asking younger children if they want to have their teeth "counted and brushed" rather than asking if they are ready for a "dental cleaning".

We know that for very young children visiting the dentist may be scary at times. We strive to minimize any anxieties or fears. We use phrases such as "put your tooth to sleep", "put vitamins on your teeth", or "take pictures of your teeth" to explain such procedures as numbing teeth, applying fluoride or taking X-rays. Our staff uses the "Tell, Show, Do" method to help pediatric patients understand what is happening dung their appointment. We carefully word the use of fear provoking terms as we explain the procedures your child is about to experience during each visit. If you feel the need to "prepare" your child for their dental visit you should avoid projecting your own anxieties about dental care. If uncertain about what to say, tell your child that "Dr. Coppe will explain it all to you." Most often, the less you explain to them with specifics and details and the more you place the onus and opportunity on our team to explain the specifics and details of the treatment your child will receive, the more positive and enjoyable your child's experience will be. In addition, it will send a subliminal message to your child about your desire to have your child accept their dental treatment and the confidence you have in our team to treat your child.

Children enjoy, and expect, to be with other children. This social interaction is what they see at school, in playgroups, and the sports they participate in. To expand on that idea, we have three dental chairs in a large, single room so your child doesn't feel alone during their dental procedures. The added benefit is that your child will see other children being treated, and this can be reassuring to them during their own visit.

To help put children at ease and feel comfortable with our staff, staff members will often play games with your child, sing or let them get out of the dental chair to explore the treatment area. We make your child's dental visit interactive, and we will be sure to talk to you and your child to decide what treatment methods will be most successful.