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It’s Easy Being Green

At the office of Michael R. Coppe, DMD and Carolyn Coppe, DMD, we try our best to be environmentally friendly! Here a just a few ways we’ve created a “green” office atmosphere:

We are attempting to be as green as possible and with this, this summer we have rolled out our electronic medical history forms.  Patients and/or their parents will be asked to fill out a medical history form at each hygiene appointment.  Please feel free to go on our website and fill them out here in anticipation of your upcoming visit.  The forms are located on the link at the bottom of the homepage marked "patient forms."  We apologize for the inconvenience, but we feel that along with saving trees, it is the wave of the future.  Thank you!

We use a digital radiograph machine to take X-rays of our patients’ teeth. Since the machine is digital, no dangerous chemicals are used to develop the X-rays and then dumped in the sewers. Not only are these X-rays friendly to the environment, they are also much safer than traditional X-rays. Digital radiographs reduce a patient’s radiation exposure by 90 percent!

We are a mercury-free office. We use white composite resins to fill teeth instead of old-fashioned, mercury-based amalgams. Composite resins are silica quartz filled polymers. They come in a variety of white shades to match almost any tooth color. Composites adhere to a tooth by chemically bonding to its structure; both the enamel and the underlying dentin. The adhesiveness of composites, in conjunction with their color, has been their major advantage. Composites are nearly as strong and durable as amalgam fillings.

Whether composite resins are used for their cosmetic benefit or adhesive qualities, insurance companies usually prefer to cover the cost for amalgam fillings, because they are less expensive. However, most insurance companies will “allow” the use of composite fillings. But they hold the parent responsible for paying the difference in cost, between their fee for amalgam fillings and the cost of composite fillings.

Our philosophy of care is, “Fewer toxins in the environment, fewer toxins in the body.” We strive to make the planet safer so your child’s overall health is safer.